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Haemophilia is a serious, inherited bleeding disorder in which a person’s blood does not clot properly. in severe cases leading to uncontrolled bleeding, either spontaneously or after minor trauma. Medical care for Haemophilia A, the most well-known inherited bleeding disorder, is often restricted in developing countries. Left untreated, bleeds can lead to irreversible joint damage and intracranial bleeds, and potentially cause brain development problems which may be life-threatening. Roche is working closely with multiple partners to provide consistent and predictable access to preventative treatment for Haemophilia A.

For more than 20 years, Roche has been innovating and delivering medicines for people with diseases of the blood. With the rise of novel therapies within haemophilia, we are working closely with all corners of the global haemophilia community – through our efforts to help improve the provision of treatments for those who need it most; through our dedication towards supporting patients at all stages of their haemophilia journey; and ultimately helping to transform the way haemophilia is treated and managed. By working toward a shared vision of Treatment for All, Roche aims to address gaps in healthcare and bring innovative treatment solutions to patients living with haemophilia.


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