Recormon (epoetin beta)

RECORMONĀ® (epoiten beta) pre-filled syringe is indicated for treatment of:

  • Treatment of symptomatic anaemia associated with chronic renal failure in adult and paediatric patients.

  • Prevention of anaemia of prematurity in infants with a birth weight of 750 to 1500 g and a gestational age of less than 34 weeks.

  • Treatment of symptomatic anaemia in adult patients with non-myeloid malignancies receiving chemotherapy.

Increasing the yield of autologous blood from patients in a pre-donation programme. Its use in this indication must be balanced against the reported increased risk of thromboembolic events. Treatment should only be given to patients with moderate anaemia (Hb 10 - 13 g/dl [6.21 - 8.07 mmol/l], no iron deficiency) if blood conserving procedures are not available or insufficient when the scheduled major elective surgery requires a large volume of blood (4 or more units of blood for females or 5 or more units for males).


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