Roche Pakistan collaborated with Greenstar Social Marketing to highlight the importance of early breast cancer diagnosis among women, with the objective of raising awareness, and changing their behavior and attitude towards breast cancer.

Under this joint initiative, Roche and Greenstar did self–care community mobilization using virtual reality headsets and educated women on breast cancer as well as on the self-diagnosing techniques. 

1 in every 9 Pakistani women is likely to suffer from Breast Cancer1.

Furthermore, Pakistan has one of the highest death rates due to breast cancer in the world2.

A key cause of this is the lack of information on the disease, leading to late diagnosis.

Leveraging the Greenstar network of 7000 clinics, and their team of doctors, and lady health workers, the collaboration yielded the following results:

  • From Jan 2021 till date, almost around 91,000 women have been trained on Breast Self-Examination

  • From Jan 2021 till date, more than 6000 women who felt symptoms have been referred to Oncologist

Through such initiatives, we (Roche) aim to collaborate with key local stakeholders to spread awareness regarding breast cancer, leading to improved outcomes for the patients.



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  2. WHO data , World Health Rankings breast cancer death rate accessed through:on 21st July 2017

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